(hereinafter – “Consent”)

In compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 “On Personal Data” (as amended and supplemented), the Federal Law No. 38-FZ of 13.03.2006 “On Advertising” (as amended and supplemented) I hereby freely, voluntary and for my own benefit provide my consent to “Case Internet Serviсe” Limited Liability Company located at the address: 6 Martynova Emb., St. Petersburg, 197110 (hereinafter – “The Company”), to process my personal data indicated during registration and/or submission of Summary/request for proposal and/or subscribing to advertising information by means of filling in the web-form on the Company’s website (http://caseis.com/) (hereinafter – “The Website”) sent (filled in) using the Website.

Personal Data mean any information related to me as a personal data subject, including without limitation: surname, first name, patronymic name, passport data, birth date and place, residence address, contact data (home, mobile, business telephone numbers, email address), marital, social, property status, education, specialty, information about me to be disclosed in the course of contract fulfillment (in case of signing the contracts between me and the Company), as well as any other public information about me.

I agree that the Company has the right to collect, register, classify, accumulate, analyze, use, extract, distribute, transfer to any third parties, receive, process, keep, clarify (update, amend), anonymize, block, delete, destroy my personal data in the framework of the personal data processing by means of keeping databases using automated, mechanical, manual methods for the following purposes:

keeping and updating the client database and/or database of candidates for vacancy filling in the Company – personal data processing by means of computers;

keeping and accumulating personal data – actions resulting in storage and accumulation of personal data to create databases on the Company’s servers located on the territory of the Russian Federation;

destroying personal data – actions resulting in impossibility to restore the contents of personal data in the database and/or resulting in liquidation of tangible personal data carriers.

I have been notified hereby by the Company that the intended users of my personal data are the Company’s employees (as well as persons involved under the civil law contract).

I am aware that:

This consent for processing of my personal data and receipt of advertisements is provided for an unlimited period of time and can be withdrawn by sending a written request to the Company’s address indicated in the first paragraph hereof; the date of withdrawal is the date following the day when the Company received the written request for withdrawal of consent for personal data processing and/or advertising receipt;

I have the right to access my personal data, to request clarification (update, amendments) of my personal data, as well as removal and destruction of my personal data if their processing performed by the Company violates my legal rights and interests, the law of the Russian Federation.

I undertake to notify the Company immediately in case of change in my personal data, information about me, and to provide documentary evidence.

This Consent is recognized by me, the Company as a written consent for processing of my personal data and receipt of advertisements, which is provided in compliance with Article 9 of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 “On Personal Data” and Article 18 of the Federal Law No. 38-FZ of 13.03.2006 “On Advertising”.

I hereby confirm that I am the subject of provided personal data, as well as confirm authenticity of provided data.

I understand that by registration and/or sending a request for proposal and/or subscribing for advertising on the Website, I agree in writing to the conditions hereof.